April Lunch, with Air Cdre (retd) Phil Wilkinson: Remembrance – the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Phil Wilkinson’s fairly conventional Royal Air Force career included squadron service at home and abroad, time behind desks in MOD, command of the Buccaneer Operational Conversion Unit in the early 80s. Then came fifteen years of unconventional assignments: on the directing staff of the USAF Air University in Alabama; Chief of the Arms Control Section at SHAPE; command of the RAF station in Berlin (as the Wall came down); and finally three and a half years as defence and air attaché in Moscow, retiring in 1996 as an air commodore.

Wherever he served, he was seldom far from a Commonwealth War Grave, and uses every opportunity to bring the Commission’s work to as broad a public as possible: ‘Lest We Forget’.


Apr 03 2024


11:45 AM - 3:00 PM

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